Thursday, February 9, 2017

Frog in a Jar

For all of the rough and tumble boys, a frog in a jar. The perfect image 
for all of the cards we make for the men...or little men. Images for "guy" 
cards are so hard to find. We tend to use cars, maps, steampunk, and sports. 
So for today, something a little different. This one will be so easy to cut too! 
I hope you can find so use for this image, I thought is was amazing. 
The .jpg is original, the .png has some repair work done.

Terms of Use:
You may use these images for personal, and commercial purposes, layouts, designs, posters, greeting cards, etc.  You may also use the images for physical products you sell or have a third party sell, such as ZazzlePlease do not sell or give the images "as is" to a third party, direct them to my blog. There are no limits to the quantity of items you may sell, as long as the image is incorporated into the project.

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